Introducing Telligence™ from GE

When it comes to patient care, there’s simply no room for compromise. But it’s nice to know there’s plenty of flexibility built right into your nurse call system.

Telligence combines advanced hardware and software technologies to deliver the flexible communication system solutions required by today’s healthcare professionals.  And Telligence is brought to you by GE, a worldwide leader in life safety and communication technology.  Telligence is the latest nurse call innovation from GE, but certainly not the last.

ProCare 6000
ProCare 6000 offers smart, scalable integrations with pocket pagers, wireless telephones, automatic location, and HL7 to deliver the system capabilities that the healthcare industry has demanded. When these integrations are coupled with intuitive software clients like PC Assignments, browser-based wireless PC Messaging, NetBoard electronic whiteboard, and browser-based Management Reporting, you'll be deploying an enterprise-wide communication platform that will serve your facility reliably for years to come--and with the support of GE Security.

GE Security engineered the ProCare 6000 to make smart decisions so you don't have to.  It puts you in control! You'll be able to manage patient calls and other events to match your specific patient care model.  You can even decide who should receive certain types of calls on wireless devices using PC Assignments and PC Messaging.  These advanced tools will allow you to spend more time at the patient bedside, offering the quick responses your patients deserve.

StaffCallPro is the most flexible fully integrated patient/staff communication system available.  Thanks to its comprehensive feature set and ease of use, it is the perfect communication solution for any size of application, and will expand readily with your needs.

StaffCallPro can be fully networked, a key benefit in today's hi-tech environment.  With built-in telephone, wireless phone, pager and PC interfaces, it can be readily integrated into a multi-system network.  As a result, StaffCallPro multiplies your communications options, boosts your remote monitoring capabilities and facilitates data collection and analysis.

ProCare 2000
The ProCare 2000 has been selected by thousands of healthcare facilities across North America and around the world as their communication system of choice.  Its combination of unique features, optional configurations, and high reliability makes its popularity easy to understand.  

Standard Features

  • Cost-effective audio visual communications.
  • Wide variety of call-in stations.
  • Full-field master station display for convenient "at-a-glance" room status.
  • Ability to manage up to 160 beds from a single master station.
  • Up to four master stations per system, each with configurable coverages and day/night modes.
  • Group and all-call page capability.
  • Pocket page interface option.
  • Activity reporting (ARMS) option.
ProCare 1000
The ProCare 1000's updated design benefits from years of experience in helping healthcare facilities with their communication needs.  High quality components including patient and resident stations, lavatory stations, corridor lights, and annunciator panels give residents, patients, and caregivers alike the same sense of security that they have come to expect from GE.  Any way you look at it, the ProCare 1000 delivers a high quality, flexible and affordable communication solution.

Standard Features

  • Cost-effective tone and visual communication.
  • Four system priorities commonly used for normal, emergency, staff emergency, and Code Blue calls.
  • Effective in acute and long-term care environments.
  • Easily customized annunciator display.
  • Corridor light signaling.
  • Room and resident monitoring.
  • Optional pocket paging capability.
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