Planning to Install a New Security or Fire Alarm System for your Business in 2019?

Paladin Has Some Great News!
  • The Tax Cuts Act signed into law expands eligibility for deductions to Fire Protection, Alarm, and Security Systems placed in service starting in 2018.

  • THE RESULT: Lower after-tax cost for small and medium-sized businesses!

  • Previously, Security and Fire Protection Systems were excluded from deductions. Under the new tax plan, small and medium-sized businesses can write-off 100 percent of their Fire Protection, Alarm and Security System purchases for commercial buildings. (See IRS section 179 for details.)

  • Experts predict the change could lower the overall cost of installing a new system up to 30 percent!

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*Article published by the Security Industry Association.
*Consult your tax advisor for specifics related to your business.
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